Tea Party


Haute Presents invites you to our summer sling in conjunction with our current exhibition 'Wear Me.' We bring you an afternoon filled with performance, music, canapés and cocktails. Bring your fruity summery selves and get the groove going at Haute Presents headquarters GH36. 

Featuring the whimsical headwear of Twinks Burnett Styling and Design, the YES accessories of Ildikó Buckley, and the Haute scarves featuring deluxe silk printed scarves of images by Brandt Parker Art. Installation by Marta Glenn, gin by the Alchemist.

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Kunst Haus and Director Joseph Stewart and Associate Director Tamara Zurvas. Join Haute Presents Tea Party and indulge your memories in a short movement piece in development choreographed by Kunst Haus director Joseph Stewart. Featuring Kunst Haus dancers Gemma Pearce and Gustavo Seda. This work in development, “Birthday” celebrates the memories associated with our first birthday in an extremely intimate setting. 

Date: 27.06.15
Time: 14h til late
Location: Grosse Hamburger Strasse, 36, 10115, Berlin


the opening party