Ruslana & Yana Zaugolnikova

Some say that 
butterfly is the symbol of the humans' soul... 
It is as
light, soft, fragile, beautiful and sensual as the soul...
If the soul
loses its ability to fly, the human stops living, he
merely exists. 

LacyWings creates clothes which reveals the soul's essence and gives you inspiration!

The sisters Ruslana Zaugolnikova and Yana Zaugolnikova are Ukranian fashion and costume designers. In 2010 they created their own brand - LacyWings. Despite the mixture of various styles (etno, retro, hippy, modern, boho, preppy, classic... ), they have their own style that makes their clothes undoubtedly special, recognizable and unique. The key element of the sisters Zaugolnikovas' work is handmade crochet lace, which they skillfully combine with the fabrics, creating clothes that can satisfy and inspire the esthetes and subtle connoisseurs. The crochet lace, as the designers Ruslana and Yana say, is something truly magic... It can perfectly fit into any image and style, and more than that, it can take you to another country, another era.
The sisters Zaugolnikovas create collections to the fashion shows, music videos, and films.