rabbit hole.


'An exciting mix of Pop-Art, Camp Trash & Avantgarde'


Celebrating 150 years of Lewis Carroll's 'Alice in Wonderland.' A fusion of art, music, performance and installation, Haute Presents brings you a contemporary take on the tumbling down the infamous rabbit hole with a tickling of all senses and sensations. Presenting an array of local and international, emerging and intermediary artists, from all mediums, we invite you to allow your perceptions of reality to be shaped by the wonder of Lewis Carroll's indefinable  creation. 

Just follow the White Rabbit...

Featuring: Brandt Parker, Adam Butcher, Marco Meiran, Stephanie Nückel, Sasha Frolova, Andrea Galad, The Alchemist, Gregory Robin, Edward Granger. A performance by Kunsthaus Berlin, live visuals by _Airone_, and music by DJ Attics. 

Thank you to Moët, Belvedere and Red Bull for sponsoring.

Represented by Minkus PR. 

Photography courtesy and copyrighted to Virginnia Vannuchi. 


Date: 10.12.15
Time: 20h-00h
Performance: 22h
Location: Alte Münze, Molkenmarkt 2, 10179, Berlin