9 Lives

Haute Presents thanks you all for joining us for our third instalment '9 Lives,'  (26/06/14) in a melancholic celebration of the animal kingdom. A theme that is dear to our heart with the 6th mass species extinction nigh, the inter human-animal through to the wonderment of the mythical were explored.

Extinction today is a topic that is yet to be fully understood. Death is an accepted extension of our lives, we are born with the knowledge that with life comes death, however, the notion of complete and utter annihilation of a species is one difficult to comprehend. Man and animal have stood together on the Earth as we know it for man has stood the test of time as species have dropped from existence, suffering at both the hands of humans and against an onslaught of natural events. For the first time since the cohabitation upon this Earth, animals are facing their 6th mass species extinction, although this time, it is down to the influence and destructive nature of man and our haphazard tampering of the environment in our dogged pursuit of 'civilisation' and 'progress.'

'9 Lives' took place in a beautifully historic church in the heart of Mitte, Berlin. A church is a place where every aspect of life is celebrated; birth, unity and death and in welcoming the animal kingdom in, in both mythical and real, we celebrated animal. 

Featuring the incredible artists: Louisa BoeszoermenyLilie Emblem-LaduréFrédérique LanquetinUzzo LinoThor KarlsenAnna Krężel, and Brandt Parker. The beautifully poetic performance 'White Rebirth' by the one and only Sabia Khan. Funktastic beats by Tree-house Disco and live visuals from Airone and a specialist bespoke gin by the Alchemist, featuring 9 botanicals that can be planted to help revitalise the bee population. The botanicals being juniper, lavender, bergamot, comfrey, borage, angelica, raspberry leaf, pepper and nettle. 

Thank you to Absolut Vodka for sponsoring us again.