Haute Presents featuring Ildikó Buckley and Amy Stephens, alongside Berlin Art Week 2015.  Connecting earth and sky, London and Berlin, the work of two individual artists form an infinity. A geometric KITE line drawing is born from two different charts linking them together similarly to the form which the formation takes its name linking the beholder to the sky.

Ildikó Buckley's practice stems from identity, of who we are and how we present ourselves to the world. For this exhibition, she focuses back, offering the viewer a coded portrait of the two artists involved in the show by displaying two colour prints of the astrological birth charts of Stephens and herself. The line drawings created by the stars reveal a shared formation for them both. 

Amy Stephens' practice relates closely to drawing and the simple elegance of the drawn line whilst making her process rely heavily on appropriation. For KITE, the artist has re-appropriated existing light-weight metal frames forcing the work to resist the finite. Combining household materials with more industrial materials, Stephens aims to denote a shared scheme where everything relates to everything else, particularly architecture which reflects the symbiotic ordering systems of nature. 

All photos courtesy and copyrighted to Virginia Vannucchi.