Contouring with so sick comms


Artists Ruby & Grace from collective So Sick Communications transformed the gallery into a performance piece installation. 

Dressing the gallery with the essence of a teenage girl circa early 2000s, homage to the now extinct species of the teenage girl in todays digital era. The room was filled with trinkets of the past, signifiers of adolescent innocence up against a non stop projection of Youtube makeup tutorials. 

'An off key homage to the extinct species of teenage girl. The teenage girls we weren't and didn't actually want to be, but were fascinated by as they were our only reference of what we 'should' aspire to be. 

In this installation, we pay our respects to an earnestness that barely exists anymore during the hard slog of self discovery. An earnestness that wouldn't have been described as such at the time, but clearly is today, made obvious by the effects of the changes the world has undergone in the last 10 years.

- Artist Statement

Exhibition 12th-26th May, complete with artist talk. Video coming soon!

Photos copyrighted and courtesy to Virginia Vannucchi.