Aspect Pattern: Demi Moore

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Buckley Demi Moore Kite.jpg

Aspect Pattern: Demi Moore


Demi Moore

Born November 11 1962, 14:16

Roswell, New Mexico

Time Zone: 07:00 (MST)

Longitude: 104°W 31'21''

Latitude: 33°N 23'39''

Formation: T-SQUARE', 2015

Edition of 50

Ink on paper


Artwork by Ildikó Buckley

Ildikó Buckley’s practice stems from identity, of who we are and how we present ourselves to the world. In Aspect Patterns she offers the viewer a coded portrait of famous individuals from popular culture. The line drawings created by the location of the stars and planets the moment each individual was born reveal astrological aspect pattern formations that occur on occasion in a birth chart. Each shape brings a different further layer for the astrologer to decipher, revealing something of who we are for the person with the knowledge to understand the language.


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