Beauty in a Time of War

Haute Presents is proud to announce it's first co-curated exhibition 'Beauty in a Time of War,' with international curator Christina Katrakis.

The project is aimed to showcase the elements of beauty in the time of war. How do fashion designers create their dresses under bullets? How does war influence their art? We brought together female designers -  one group from Georgia and one group from Ukraine. These designers, artists fight the same battle but they fight as the invisible soldiers of beauty, preserving perhaps the very essence of their homeland, its traditions, culture, motifs and aesthetics. Thus even when the lives are lost, when borders are violently demolished and lands are illegally taken - this beauty which they create remains. Because, as long as, the soul of the nation is preserved in its art - its spirit is truly immortal. 

These women fight against bullets and bombs with finest silk and embroidery, they stand against the tanks with blotches of beautiful color. How does the woman artist, fashion designer sees the War? She, who is the mother, the wife, the daughter? She who sees her sons, her husband, her father fight and die, defending their home. How can she take the pain, the anger, the despair and transform it into beauty? Transferring tears into jewels, blood into color, shrouds into dresses, bullets into rigs, flags into garments. The beauty of these creations, conceived in such turbulent times and conditions,  is truly breathtaking and pure in its nature. It is the very essence of femininity, at times vulnerable, fragile, gentle, romanic and loving, while still strong, brave and revolutionary. 

The designs are filled with elements of subtle ethnicity, retro longing, dream and hope. Hope that the war will be over and that the beauty will prevail. Even at the time of war, we women, still put on our dresses, we still desire to be beautiful, and our men, now soldiers, more then ever long for moments of beauty, filled with love, care and emotion. Moments which could be last, moments which will lest forever. 

These women designers-are courageous artists, who speak up via the beauty of their creations, who fight for peace and unity with the most invincible weapon - their art, who create "Beauty in the Time of War".

Fashion Designers: Ruslana Zaugolnikova and Yana Zaugolnikova (Ukraine) and Irma Sharikadze (Georgia)
Jewelry Designer: Sopho Gongliashvili (Georgia)
Leather Designer: Anastasiya Glotova (Ukraine)
Fashion Photographers: Kateryna Upit, Volodymyr Karpeniuk, Denys Isaev (Ukraine) and Irma Sharikadze (Georgia)
International Project Manager: Roman Kudlay
International Curator: Christina Katrakis
Film Presentation: "The War is Now" 
Gallerist-Curator: Maxine Noth-Haute Presents
Gallery Assistant: Stephen Sherman