arts coming


ARTS COMING Is a new cultural enterprise that works in the production, promotion, dissemination and sale of works created by modern artists.

An enterprise that is just a little different, one that works with artists to produce new pieces that are significant in the creators’ conceptual process but have not materialised previously. These works are made in small format for a new art market, works of great value at affordable prices.

ARTS COMING selects and produces hitherto unpublished pieces by artists who are working on research processes of language, critique on representation and political activism (objects, books, paper, photography). These editions are not limited and involve the use of industrial or handcrafted production.

ARTS COMING aims to bring contemporary art to a wider public by means of information, education, dialogue and debate. The web contents offer articles and magazines about the artists and the world of art which are vital to understand modern art and critical essays made by specialist authors.

ARTS COMING markets the works both via their website and at points of sale in the art sector (museums, art centres).

ARTS COMING works along three commercial lines: the sale of works produced by us, the sale of works by artists who have no distribution channel, and co-publishing works with other national and international enterprises.