Imagine an artwork coming alive. You step into a room and your senses are overwhelmed by the mood, the language, the frisson in the air, and what flickers in front of your very eyes.

Haute Presents wishes to revitalise how one goes about experiencing artworks. Rather than a conventional viewing space upon which the works hang on a white wall, a multi-sensory experience is to be had, bringing together set design, music, cuisine, cocktails and costume to expand upon the parameters of art.

We have called ourselves Haute Presents as we are presenting a different event every time. The word 'haute' has close connotations to couture and like haute couture, we share many of the same ideals. Our events are custom fitted and tailored to our theme, working closely with everyone involved. No attention to detail is spared, from the way the artwork is displayed, the story of our set design to the costume and cocktails that would complement the ethos of what we are presenting. The literal translation of 'haute' is 'high,' and we at Haute Presents have high expectations, we aim to expand and break boundaries of how one perceives art. Haute Presents is the couture of the art experience. 

“We are interested in all mediums and a playful way one embraces the space around you. By bringing together works surrounding a theme, we believe that a dialogue will be created, one that brings a new dimension to how artworks are perceived. We wish to infuse old style glamour into events, gathering inspiration from literary classics, artistic movements and moments of the everyday”


Based in Berlin, Haute Presents provides a platform for contemporary artists to showcase and sell their work, a selection of artists from a variety of mediums will be exhibiting. Haute Presents was founded by Director Maxine Noth who moved to Berlin in late 2013 after completing her Masters in History of Art. With experience in arts journalism to immersive art projects, Maxine took her desire to create new artistic dialogues to the city where artists roam and anything goes.

Haute Presents began with large scale pop-up events around Berlin before gaining a two-year long residency with gallery GH36 in Mitte. Representing emerging artists in the Berlin art scene, Haute Presents takes part in art fairs across Germany and Hong Kong. Additional services provided are consultation services for art and events management with clients spanning from corporate to creative, the boardroom to the catwalks of New York Fashion Week.